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A prime setting with overlooking landscape, friendly locals and a healthy lifestyle. Let us fulfill your dream to have a property in the Northern Portugal. Enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and make every single day a holiday.

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A full range customer service since your very first visit to a property. Either simply purchasing a plot of land or a turnkey project of your new home, our experienced team is here to support your choices and manage your expectations.

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Your decision of having a property in Portugal leads you to an investment with potential growth. Benefit from rental yields that your holiday home abroad can achieve and enjoy quality of life in a lovely and peaceful countryside.

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Our experience

With over 12 years of experience promoting the investment in the Douro Valley, our company CASAS E TRADIÇÕES is your local

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Privileged locations

Location still remains the most important factor for profitability in real estate as capital solid long-term investment. Peaceful areas, a safe

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Turnkey solutions

The concept of turnkey project management is to reduce your effort with planning, monitoring and coordination to a minimum. From diagnosis and

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The country

Portugal is a country with great logistic infrastructures, advanced communication systems, and a friendly economic environment. These are some

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Real estate

Buying real estate in Portugal is simple and safe. Once you’ve begun to consider the possibility of purchasing property

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Tax benefits

There are arrangements available in Portugal which allow you to enjoy extremely favourable tax treatment on your capital

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Project management

 Turnkey project management from the acquisition of the land until the use of the house for living or for tourism; Tailor made solutions; Assurance of the timing, cost and quality of services; Careful selection of partners and service providers by area of activity… 


Architects skilled for countryside projects, with experience in both classic and contemporary designs; Opportunities of reconstruction in urban areas; Possibility of choosing local materials with confirmed quality and environment-friendly architectural projects that support sustainable building solutions…

Construction management

Detailed description of the construction specifications; Obtaining budgets; Assurance by contract of the timing, cost and quality of services; Choosing outsourcers; Follow up of the construction and the overall project; Quality assurance with reliable experts… 


 Decoration and equipment are optional on your investment; Kitchen and laundry appliances; Pool heating; Alarm systems, intrusion and fire; Garden irrigation system; Garden and pool furniture; Interiors; Furniture; Decoration; Kitchen and tableware, indoor textiles…


 Tourism management is an option on your investment. Portugal is a prime tourist destination, with diverse landscapes either beach and countryside; We have the possibility to ensure: the licenses and permits of official entities in the tourism area; Visits of tour operators and travel agencies, assuming partnership agreements; Disclosure of the property in digital channels and social networks...


 These services are an option in your investment: hiring electricity services, telephone, water, gas and Internet; Insurance contracts for the property; Legal and accounting advice; Providing house cleaning services; Providing gardening services; Cleaning and pool maintenance; Creating conditions to start agriculture development in the property; Creating conditions to start a meal service at home or catering for guests… 


  • I have been asked to provide a brief, written testimonial regarding the company CASAS E TRADIÇÕES of Porto, Portugal and my experience of working with them over a period of three years (2013-2016). This period saw my wife and I move from purchasing a small plot of raw land along the Douro Valley to designing, building and living in a new home on the same piece of land. This land acquisition and building project, together with the many activities involved, was co-ordinated by Mr F. Abrunhosa who was designated the Project Manager. We were living in Macau, China during this entire period...

    David F. Cummings, Ireland/Macau

  • Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir pu acheter un terrain remembré et vendu par Monsieur Francisco Abrunhosa de « Casas e Tradições ». Mr Abrunhosa propose des emplacements remarquables, en réfléchissant non seulement à la vue, toujours magnifique, mais aussi aux accès, à l'aménagement de la construction, à la proximité des commerces etc...A toutes les étapes du projet il reste très à l'écoute de ses clients et toujours de bon conseil. Notre future maison, grâce à l’œil professionnel et visionnaire de « Casas e Tradições » sera non seulement au cœur d’un paysage fabuleux, mais elle sera aussi très accueillante et agréable à vivre.

    José Sanfins, France

  • CASAS E TRADIÇOES LDA, empresa donde destaco a experiência de desenvolvimento de projectos turísticos na região do Douro, que nos acompanhou desde a escolha do terreno, apoio nas definições específicas das unidades turísticas em fase do projecto de arquitectura, acompanhamento da fase de obras, soluções de recheio/decoração da quinta, e finalmente na gestão turística da unidade. Foi por isso de uma enorme utilidade pela grande abrangência dos seus serviços, e garantia que a “obra aconteça”. Enorme experiência do Douro, envolvimento pessoal e disponibilidade dos seus colaboradores, como factor diferenciador.

    Carlos Rodrigues, Portugal