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I have been asked to provide a brief, written testimonial regarding the company CASAS E TRADIÇÕES of Porto, Portugal and my experience of working with them over a period of three years (2013-2016). This period saw my wife and I move from purchasing a small plot of raw land along the Douro Valley to designing, building and living in a new home on the same piece of land. This land acquisition and building project, together with the many activities involved, was co-ordinated by Mr F. Abrunhosa who was designated the Project Manager. We were living in Macau, China during this entire period. After purchasing the land, and subsequent to reviewing submitted quotations from several potential suppliers, the architect and the construction company were mutually agreed upon. We naturally had to make the occasional trip back to Portugal (5 in total) to make certain key decisions – the type of bathroom fixtures, colour of tiles, placement of electrical connections, etc. All other communications were via the Internet or Skype. These were numerous and extensive. We are not Portuguese and do not speak the language – Irish/English and Chinese. We selected Portugal as our preferred house location based on favorable cost of living factors, reasonable costs of construction, congenial climate and excellent infrastructure. Once the house design had been finalized a construction plan was developed which estimated the construction to last for 14 months. We participated in weekly project meetings via video using Skype. We received monthly detailed project progress and costs incurred. The inevitable building adjustments, modifications and additions were discussed and mutually agreed to before being implemented. The target completion date and house handover were met very satisfactorily 14 1/2 months later. There were no unanticipated cost overruns. We were well pleased with the final result. Both the architect and the construction company were cooperative in every way. Together with the Project Manager the architect made weekly visits to the construction site to ensure that his design was being adhered to. The construction company volunteered numerous worthwhile suggestions which improved the final result. Mr F. Abrunhosa, as Project Manager, was central to this project at all times. He knows the Douro Valley extremely well and the opportunities that it offers. He proved himself to be well-organized, thorough with details, prompt and punctual in his communications, excellent with paperwork, and honest in all dealings. He is man of high integrity. If we were to undertake a similar project it would be to Mr F. Abrunhosa that we would first turn for advise and assistance.

David F. Cummings, Ireland/Macau

CASAS E TRADIÇOES LDA, empresa donde destaco a experiência de desenvolvimento de projectos turísticos na região do Douro, que nos acompanhou desde a escolha do terreno, apoio nas definições específicas das unidades turísticas em fase do projecto de arquitectura, acompanhamento da fase de obras, soluções de recheio/decoração da quinta, e finalmente na gestão turística da unidade. Foi por isso de uma enorme utilidade pela grande abrangência dos seus serviços, e garantia que a “obra aconteça”. Enorme experiência do Douro, envolvimento pessoal e disponibilidade dos seus colaboradores, como factor diferenciador.

Carlos Rodrigues, Portugal

Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir pu acheter un terrain remembré et vendu par Monsieur Francisco Abrunhosa de « Casas e Tradições ». Mr Abrunhosa propose des emplacements remarquables, en réfléchissant non seulement à la vue, toujours magnifique, mais aussi aux accès, à l’aménagement de la construction, à la proximité des commerces etc…A toutes les étapes du projet il reste très à l’écoute de ses clients et toujours de bon conseil. Notre future maison, grâce à l’œil professionnel et visionnaire de « Casas e Tradições » sera non seulement au cœur d’un paysage fabuleux, mais elle sera aussi très accueillante et agréable à vivre.

José Sanfins, France